This site is my attempt to write about politics outside of academic protocols. Shorter, clearer, concise pieces. They are on diverse topics, not just ones I research. And, they  endeavour to be ‘fresh’, although not just of the top of my head. They are my views as Graham Harrison not as Professor Harrison, and there is no connection between these views and my employer. I release them in a condition that I am not entirely happy with and will expect to find that I am wrong or that I change my mind. Academe is not very good at accepting this condition as intrinsic to writing in the Social Sciences and it can lead to quite a lot of caution and conservatism. Not that I will try to write as a controversialist or polemicist – there’s quite enough of that on the internet and it is largely boring. These blogs are usually written late at night and are Writing Under the Influence.

So, please click on blogs and have a read.


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