The 2019 Labour Manifesto: A Moderate Development Unorthodoxy in an Age of Total Capitalism

(Eastern) promises of transformation The 2019 Labour Manifesto promises to set up a Sustainable Development Board, a National Transformation Fund, National and Regional Development Banks, and a Local Transformation Fund. It aims to commit three percent of GDP to research and development. It signals an intention to keep as much of the production chain within […]

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Borders and socialism

Borders as the social practice of filtering In order to consider what should socialists do about borders, it is useful to talk about practices of bordering. Although the term ‘border’ suggests a fixing of categorical difference between inside and outside, borders are, politically speaking, constructed, reproduced, changed, and contested.

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Dangerous Democracy

Defending democracy in (yet another) age of anxiety The current vexations about democracy and its prospects are as familiar as the values of democracy itself. Throughout its modern history democracy has, it has been claimed, threatened political order or generated bad governance. It has acted as an ideological smokescreen; it has been in terminal decline […]

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Two cheers for Build it in Britain

This week, Jeremy Corbyn delivered a keynote speech to showcase Labour’s emerging electoral manifesto on industrial policy. Titled Build it in Britain, it sets out an industrial strategy based in three key policy directives: large-scale public investment in infrastructure, a revived and fit-for-purpose education and training programme, and a redirecting of subsidies towards job-creating and […]

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A defence of offence In my first year of university, I saw the stand-up comedian Jerry Sadowitz. He started his routine as follows: ‘Nelson Mandela: cunt!’. This immediately generated shouting and heckling to which he replied ‘don’t drink on an empty head’ before finishing the line as best he could against the noise ‘he [Mandela] […]

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