Populism is the new panic

Populism is the new panic-word for the broad centre of liberal-democratic politics. This is in large part because of its association with the Right and even fascism. The populism of UKIP or Trump aims to create a homogenised constituency of ‘the people’, racialised and hostile to those outside their categorical borders. This is not to […]

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  A change? We entering an age of the Total Event, an age in which, occasionally but irregularly, we are sucked into political conjunctures that, for a time, envelop political discourse in a fashion that is novel and carries with it new or newish questions and issues.

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On Europe

I became aware of Britain’s membership of the EU in the late 1970s. Living in a very insular and conservative part of the country the European Community, as it then was, offered an opportunity to familiarise oneself with places culturally unfamiliar but without the ‘overseas’, ‘commonwealth’ and entirely ‘foreign’ baggage that was so ingrained in […]

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